Sunday, February 20, 2011

Delicious Fruit Dip

Since being pregnant, my diet has gone from bad, to worse. It seems that all I crave now are cookies, brownies and donuts. At least you can't really tell how bad this is since I can cover it up with "I'm pregnant." Well every once in a while, I do get a craving for some fruit. But not just fruit- fruit with some kind of dip or yogurt or something. I am usually too lazy to make a dip, so yogurt suffices.

But now that the munchkin has been rather ill, I don't really want her to eat much other than fruit. So I cut up a bunch of fruit for her and then perused the web for a dip, for me. :)

I found this one on and it was good. But once I added a few things, it went from good to really good- Really good as in "having a little fruit with my dip" good.  So now I can have some fruit (healthy) and some dip (tasty, but not so healthy) to quench my need for "fluff".

I know it's super lame to only use half of a small instant pudding mix, but that's all it needs. If you use the whole package, you probably need to add more milk.

What you'll need:
half of a 3.4 oz. instant pudding mix - Vanilla, cheesecake, lemon etc.
4. oz. whipped topping
4 oz. cream cheese
1/2 c. powdered sugar
1/2 c. milk
3 oz. fruit yogurt- I used raspberry and it was delish
3-4 T. lemon juice

Combine all ingredients until blended well.  Served chilled and enjoy!