Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

I checked this book by Jessica Seinfeld out from the library today. I started paging through it and I'm super excited to try out these recipes and purees! My dear, sweet son Aaron is THE pickiest eater (well, except for PJ). I need to figure out how I can get nutrients in him, because I refuse to stuff food through his clamped jaws! As I try out the recipes, I'll let you know what works for us and what doesn't. Should be fun!


HILLARY said...

Hi! I've been lurking finding new recipes (thanks!) I thought I would send you to a friends blog who has been trying D.D. fro a week - well 3 days, her kids won't eat it any more - I think if she spread it out it would be easier. her blog is She had success with somethings. Just thought you'd like alittle feedback before you get started! Thanks for letting me comment!

princess jen said...

Thank you!! I started reading the cookbook in earnest this morning and some of it looks like it will really work for our family.