Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smoked Chicken Chimichangas

I've been on a recipe bender the last couple weeks and came upon this one last week at Tasty Sensations (linked at the bottom) and liked it so much I made it twice in one week! Also, I had a bag of slaw and can of chipotles that I needed to use and had no other use for... We really liked this. Even Caden devoured them. I realize the recipe is called "Smoked Turkey" chimichangas, but I'll admit that we did NOT love the turkey in them. I loved the flavor, but the turkey was kind of slimy and spongey and didn't' seem to fit. So when I made them two nights later, we used shredded chicken instead, which we liked much, much better. I would recommend the chicken over the turkey, but will admit the turkey made it much much faster... it was very easy and quick to whip up. So if you don't have issues with deli meat, use the turkey and you'll have a fabulously fast meal. But we have lots of issues with deli meats... Regardless, the flavor in this dish is great! And I loved the crispy tortillas.

Recipe Source: Tasy Sensations
Feeds: 6-8

1.25 lbs. Shredded, cooked chicken (or 1 lb. deli turkey, sliced into thin strips)
1/2 T. chili powder
2 C. shredded slaw cabbage
1/2 chipolte in adobo sauce (I used 1 whole chipotle plus several extra Tablespoons of the marvelous adobo sauce)
1 C. tomato sauce
3 scallions chopped
salt and pepper
6-10 tortillas
1 1/2 C. shredded cheddar cheese or pepper jack
2 T. vegetable oil
sour cream (optional)
cilantro (optional)
1 tomato finely chopped (optional)

1. Place chicken/turkey in a bowl and season with chili powder.

2. Add cabbage, chipotle, tomato sauce, scallions. Mix filling ingredients well and season with salt and pepper.

3. Place cheese near top of tortilla and add some filling. (I just mixed my cheese in with my chicken mixture for ease.)  Roll up tightly. Brush with vegetable oil and bake at 400°F for 10-15 minutes.

4. Top with sour cream, parsley/cilantro and tomato. Fast, easy and delicious!!

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