Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home made Bread

I admit...I am a bit of a "molly mormon" I LOVE to make my own bread. I can't stand store bought bread anymore. This is my absolutely favorite recipe, too.
7 cups flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 Tbsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Yeast
1/3 cup oil
2-3 cups of warm water

The way I do it is:

Mix all dry ingredients in a large mixer's bowl. Make a well in the center and add the oil. Attach to your mixer and let the mixer mix in the oil. With the mixer still on, start slowly pouring the water in. You don't want it too sticky or too dry....I usually end up using 2.5 cups of water. Let the mixer do it's thing for about 3-5 minutes (until the dough has cleaned the sides of the bowl).

Next...turn on your oven for 1 minute to a high degree. Place the mixing bowl with the dough in it and a cloth covering it, into the oven. Let rise for 1.5-2 hours.

Then...Punch it down. Separate the dough into 2 equal portions. Roll out each portion in a long rectangle. Roll it up jelly roll style and tuck in the ends. Place in a greased bread pan. Turn on the oven again for 1 minute and place the loaves in the oven with a cloth covering them again. Let rise for about 30 minutes (if you let them rise too much you get humongous loaves that aren't very easy to work with) Take them out of the oven and turn the oven to 400 degrees. Bake for 18-25 minutes. Until they look nice and golden brown. Take them out of the pans IMMEDIATELY and put on a wire rack to cool. Cut with an electric knife for the best results when the bread is completely cooled (about 3-4 hours) Enjoy!


Mythreesons said...

Homemade bread? You make your own bread!? Over-achiever... actually, this totally makes me want to try it now. It looks so yummy but bread has always intimidated me...

Canadaland said...

Bread is one of the easiest things to make. Once I figured that out there was no going back. I've been making ALL of my own bread for 2 years now. You will love it!