Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reindeer Cupcakes

Jaxon wanted to bring some cupcakes to school for Christmas and his birthday, and of course Gavin then wanted to bring some to preschool, too. There are some pretty cute ones in "Hello Cupcake," but they were more work than I was willing to put in for their school classes. So I went searching the internet and found these cute reindeer cupcakes that were easy enough the boys could help. I'd like to say they were super easy, but it was really hard to break the stupid pretzels into the right shape for antlers! Seriously, it was really hard and we went through half the bag of pretzels trying to get enough that were good enough. Other than that, though, they really were super easy to make and the boys had a blast.
Unfortunately, they're boys. So instead of wanting to make perfect, cute little reindeer, that LOOKED like reindeer, they insisted of giving them retarded antlers, that were going backwards and forwards, and sideways, and such. He kept telling me that had to point in the direction the reindeer were fighting. Plus, I had to beg Jaxon not to give them red eyes. He kept telling me that they were "his" reindeer and he should have creative control. I tried to tell him that if I was in his class, I wouldn't want those funny looking ones... I would want a perfectly cute little reindeer. But maybe the boys in his class really do want the funny looking ones? I did think it was cute that he threw a couple "doe" in without antlers. And he gave all the girls blue eyes.... good boy. And luckily he can't pipe mouths on, so I could give them all cute smiles. Except for the one that he made me give a moustache. And the surprised face. Such BOYS!

Quick note: I ran out of mini M&M's for the eyes, so we had to improvise. I piped white blobs for the eyes and then added a mini chocolate chip for the pupil. It worked alright, but the marshmallows and mini M&M's were much cuter. But it works in a pinch.

Materials needed:
Chocolate cupcakes, baked in brown wrappers (or not... seeing as how we used green striped ones)
Chocolate frosting
Nilla Wafers (for snout)
Red M&M's (for nose... you could use brown, too, if you don't want Rudolph)
Mini M&M's (for pupils)
Mini Marshmallows, cut in half (for eyes... make sure to put them sticky side up, so the pupils will stick)
Large pretzels, broken just so, for antlers
Dark frosting to pipe mouths (I used melted chocolate... those black icing tubes would also work great)

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Super Daysh said...

Those turned out really cute! Even the mustached one. :) I swear I've seen these though- did you show me the blog where you got the idea or something?