Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rainbow Cupcakes

I saw these on this site and knew I had to make them. They are just the coolest looking cupcakes EVER!! They're pretty simple to make, just a little tedious to layer them in the liners. I thought it would be pretty quick, but the dough is a little thick and thus it takes a bit to spread each layer in the liner.

Anywho. Enjoy! These make for a really fabulous presentation. ;)

Rainbow Cupcakes (Colorburst cupcakes!)
1 white cake mix
2 eggs
1 C sour cream
1/2 C milk
1/3 C vegetable oil

Combine all ingredients until incorporated (about 30 seconds). Scrape sides of bowl and then beat on med-high speed for 3 minutes.

*update* I guess I better add the rest of the instructions. No, you don't just mix the batter and magically get rainbow cupcakes (although that would make them super cool!).

Once you have the batter mixed, divide it into smaller bowls (depends on the number of colors you want). Then add the gel food coloring (not liquid) to each bowl until you get the desired color.

Then add a little of each color to the cupcake liners- starting with your first one. The batter is thick, so you get you finger a little wet and spread it out over the liner and each other layer (when you get to the next color, that is).

Bake according to package directions, let cool and then frost.


princess jen said...

You just mix up the ingredients, eh? And they magically turn into rainbows? I think you forgot the rest of the recipe... But the photos are darn cute!

The Andersens said...

yeah, you might want to mention the food coloring bit. ;)
those are the coolest cupcakes ever!
i actually hyperventilated a little. i need to make those!!
now add in the rest of the recipe goober

Super Daysh said...

ok, ok, I updated the recipe. Sorry I just got excited to add the pics and forgot the rest of the directions. tee hee hee.

princess jen said...

I went to the website too. Super cool! Are you going to make some of these for the blessing?