Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Shower Cupcakes

I made these twice this last Spring... once in blue, for a friend's baby shower, and then again, in pink, for Dacia's baby shower. The original concept was from my Hello, Cupcake book. But I had seen some I liked on another blog and decided to take my favorite ideas from both cupcakes and turn them into 1 unique design. It's not totally unique, but still really cute, and pretty easy to put together. So if you're looking for a relatively simple and cute treat for your next baby shower, give these a try!
For the girls, I was able to find light pink lifesavers that were perfect pacifier holders. The handles inside were done with airheads, cut into thin strips. For the boys, I couldn't find any blue lifesavers, so I resorted to Fruit Loops. I liked the bigger lifesavers betters... but until there are blue ones, the fruit loops were cute, too. For the smaller Fruit Loop pacifiers, I used red licorice strings as handles inside.

The baby bottles are made with Starburst's (molded into a nipple shape... my, that sounds dirty...), and mini marshmallows, with a dab of frosting to hold the two together.

The open crying mouth is made with a red fruit roll-up, cut into a circle, and then outlined with a thin piped ring of red frosting.

I made a couple double deckers one, using mini cupcakes for heads, and then piping on bibs. I needed blue bibs, which is why I piped them on. If I was doing girl double deckers, I would use red fruit leather for the bibs... easier and cleaner unless you're good at piping (I am obviously not).

For hair, the girls got marshmallow bonnets. I simply cut marshmallows in half and spaced them half way around their heads. For the boys, they got a curly-q with piped melted chocolate. I also piped on the eyes with melted chocolate. Finally, don't foget an extra little dab of peach colored frosting for their noses.

Simple and cute, and fun!

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