Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cupcakes (Bumblebees and Flowers)

I mentioned I needed some special cupcakes for RS and decided to try my hand at the piped chocolate decorations again. Except this time, I got a bit more ambitious. I decided I wanted bumblebees. After perusing some sites, I finally found a bumblebee design I liked and drew it out. Once I started them and realized they were going to be a bit of a headache, I made some flowers, too (a la Bakerella). They were much simpler. I made the bumblebee antennae too thin at first and they kept breaking off. Once I made them thicker, over half of them still broke, so that was frustrating. Plus, I was out of freezer duty ziploc bags, and the thin ones I was using instead kept splitting. With decent bags, the bees probably wouldn't have been as big a pain.
Once it came time to actually assemble the cupcakes, I decided I wanted strawberries, too. So I topped them several different ways. I couldn't pick a favorite... I liked them all! Which one do you guys prefer?

I used the strawberry cupcake recipe here and topped them with lemon cream, found here.
Other stuff I used:
white, yellow, and dark chocolate melting chocolates
Wax paper (for piping the chocolate)

Pretty simple and short list, but they sure turned out fun!

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Mary said...

These are really darling! I found your blog by chance. I really like what you are doing here. I'll be back often.